Welcome to AndyNetworks. Today is the 14th of November 119 . If you already have a good idea of what kind of website you want, move straight on to the WebHosting Signup request form. Everything is taken care of for you; there is a small bit of technical stuff to be set up this end for automated signups, so you will have to wait for me to manually recieve your request but after that’s set up, you will have an FTP account set up for you (with a username and password you choose) to play with and upload some images or files to your site before I start to build it for you. You can be as uninvolved or involved as you want, right down to just sending me a word document with your actual text and a basic description of what you want. Click to see how easy it is to get me to build you web site for you using ANWebHosting you want

What can I expect for how much?

Anything for a negotible rate!. To get straight onto the WebHosting Signup request Form, click here

This site contains a lot of stuff I have made over time, most of which can be found in the menu on the left under ‘Example pages’. Most of it, however is just little things I have made for the hell of it, without really applying myself. I can some pretty advanced things; the log viewer is a good example of what I can do, but I can get better than that! I can program good as anything you could practically want on your sitesite, except credit card payment, which I can arrange with a third party – still with no hassle for you!

So – Why the hell would I want a website anyway?

There are a number of reasons why you’ll like to have a website:

  • You may wish to start up a business and sell or advertise online. You may even wish to only trade online or advertise online and operate by mail-order.
  • You might want to have a little family site about you and your family – I can quite easily put as many pictures as you want online*. You might want to have a little bit about yourself(es).
  • You might want to upload a few clips of stuff you’re good at to show off – For example, I have my remixed songs up for all to download.
    Infact, you can put up just about anything (as long as it doesn’t clash with any terms and conditions – eg. pornography).

So – Why should I choose AndyNetworks WebHosting?

AndyNetworks WebHosting is at a negotiable price. That is, we agree on the price! Don’t you get so irratated by the big-headed YOU WILL PAY THIS MUCH pricing strategies used by tripod, Freewebs and all the rest of them? What if you want 200Mb of web space for occasional use, you could agree on, say ¬£2 a month if it’s for occasional use only. The competitors, for example, tripod, charges $19.99 a month for just 150Mb, plus a $15.00 setup fee! AndyNetworks does not have setup fees, because this is a way of trying to force you to use something that might not be for you; so you don’t lose your setup fee.