Anything not on web?

Obviously, there is an awful lot of information on the web! But is there anything left to put up on the web? Is every last possible piece of information in the world up on the web out there? Although the web is extremely vast, the answer is still “probably not”!

Why do I know this?

How many times have you searched on google for something, only to find that after four hours of typing in every possible combination of words you can think of, you
still can’t find what you want? How often have you trawled through 23 pages of google results, only to end up closing internet explorer and rejoining the real world a little far from happy? If all the content that could possibly be out on the web is out on the web, you would find it all instantly (if it wasn’t for bastards tricking the search engines into making the top three pages of a search all link to them, leaving all the sites that are actually any use way further down in the search). For example, search for Longhorn download (Longhorn is a free trial of what will be the next version of windows. Longhorn is its codename. In fact it doesn’t matter how hard you search, there is not a single working download of longhorn on the net!

Give up looking for something?

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