Page Generator


Use this wizard to create a webpage quickly, without having to sign up for web hosting, learn HTML or do anything technically boring. The pages made are free, with ads or for £1 one off plus £1 per year, without ads. Please fill in the info and click on the generate preview button at the bottom of this form. It’s also recommended that you save frequently, with the save button so you can log back in and get back to the editor with your page. Once you are done, click on the generate for web button.

Load existing or create new page?

To save your page, you should fill out the password field so that no one can edit or over-write your page without that password. You then need to type a name for your page and then click the save button.

To load your page, you need to type the name of your page and, if it has been saved with a password, enter that password in the password field. Then click the load button.