Terms and Сonditions

1.(i)You may only upload content that complies with the terms stated in 1.iii and does not breech any other part of this agreement and/or (ii)local, international, US, UN or British laws. (iii) All content uploaded must comply with the below, otherwise your site will be disabled untill you rectify the issue:

(iv) No content may be uploaded that is pornographic, or otherwise suitable for under 16s.
(v) No malicious viruses may be uploaded
(vi) No software may be uploaded for illegal download
(vii) No ‘Cracks’ or other illegal hacks, specifically those for unlocking illegal software and freeware and also illegally entering computer systems

2.(i)AndyNetworks must be informed of any content which is for over 15s, with suitable content ratings in the content rating certificate.

AN WebHosting (ANWH) Disclaimer:

1.(i)Andy Networks may remove your site at any point with or without reason. (ii)We take no responsibility for loss of custom, lost data, inconvienicnce etc.(iii) YOU, as in whoever transmitts the site to Andy Networks (or Andrew Thomas, MD of Andy Networks) are solely responsible for the content of the site you upload. This responsibility MAY NOT be passed to any other person. (iii) If you are paying for your webhosting, your account can also be terminated at any time, but if it is taken down without a justified abuse email, you can expect to be reimbursed for whatever time period you have already paid for (round UP to the NEAREST day).

2.(i)When you sign up, you should ensure you have clearly stated what you wish to do in the event of an abuse complaint. You may choose to either:

Have your site temporarily disabled and be contacted (recommended)
Be contacted without removing your website (you will be legally more liable for the content of which the claim originates.

3.(i)Andy Networks employees may also make a standard complaint, or remove the website as stated above in 1(i).

Questions? E-Mail me (Andrew Thomas, AndyNetwork’s MD) at [email protected]otmail.com

4.(i) These conditions may be changed, and will go into effect 24 hours after the change. Therefore, you should keep checking this disclaimer atleast daily. This only applies until 11/10/2003 (11th of October 2003), after which point you will be contacted by email and allowed 30 (thirty) days notice.

5.(i) Webhosting is sometimes provided for free. (ii) AndyNetworks may request that you agree on an amount to pay, or have your account disabled at any point (term 1(i) still applies). If you are paying, please take note of rule 1(iii) also.

The secret phrase which you need to enter to set up your AndyNetworks webhosting account is:


Note: This phrase is case-sensitive, and the end part (aAjJ) is not a typing error but part of the phrase. You may copy and paste the phrase from above into the form.


Andrew Thomas, AndyNetworks MD

Financial terms and conditions

All prices in �s (pounds sterling) unless otherwise stated.

Prices to be paid in cheque to the address which will be supplied to you if payment is required. You pay all the postage of cheques to us.